Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
Material: glass, iron
Light element: mini LED
Color: customize color (
3d models: download

The project is a unique light installation consisting of a flexible strip of glass rods of various colors, mounted on a metal frame. The composition is intended for decorative purposes, creating an atmosphere, and attracting attention.
The strip of glass rods has a flexible structure, allowing it to be bent and twisted into different shapes, creating unique compositions. You can freely experiment with the shape and configuration to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.
Each glass rod in the composition can be of any color, allowing you to create diverse combinations and play with a color palette. You can choose vibrant, saturated colors to create an energetic atmosphere or soft pastel shades for a calm and relaxing mood.
The metal frame provides strength and stability to the structure and serves as a foundation for installing the glass rods. It can be adapted to any size and shape, allowing you to create light compositions of various dimensions and configurations.
The composition is also equipped with a light source that can be integrated into the glass rods. This allows for creating striking light accents and playing with illumination. You can choose the color of the lighting, its intensity, and lighting modes according to the desired effect.
The Light Composition offers unique possibilities for creating impressive and captivating lighting in various spaces such as exhibition halls, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, building lobbies, and other public areas.
London Design Awards 2023
Interlight Russia 2022 | Intelligent building Russia

London Design Awards 2023

PLATINUM WINNER in the nomination: Product Design - Lighting
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Interlight Russia 2022 | Intelligent building Russia

Winners in the best lamp design in 2021-2022
Moscow, Russia
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