Original product Vargov®Design

Protecting the brand from counterfeits is one of our main priorities. We recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity and trust in our brand, and to achieve this, we take a series of measures to prevent the emergence of counterfeit products
Every proprietary element of Vargov®Design is carefully packaged in protective film
To protect the elements of Vargov®Design from damage inside the box, high-quality dense foam is used, providing reliable support and protection during transportation
Inside the box, above the branded Vargov®Design products, you'll find a welcome card made of cardboard featuring a prominent logo and detailed information about the trademark and brand
The box is sealed with branded transparent adhesive tape, featuring the Vargov®Design company logo in its signature colors
The wooden framework provides a sturdy and reliable structure for the box, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation. The framework acts as a sort of skeleton, ensuring that the box remains in impeccable condition until the moment of unpacking.
If necessary, we pack in a plywood box
“Wooden box made of plywood” - from $80 per 1 cubic meter.
After the creation of the wooden framework, the box is wrapped in nylon mesh. This layer provides additional protection from moisture, dust, and other external factors. The nylon mesh not only reduces potential damages but also maintains the cleanliness and integrity of the box
The final step of the packaging process involves wrapping the box with a tight protective film. This layer provides additional protection against external impacts and mechanical forces. The tight protective film adds an extra barrier of defense, ensuring that your product remains in perfect condition throughout its journey to you
Certificate of authenticity
At the request of the buyer, a certificate confirming the authorship and authenticity of the product Vargov®design can be issued.
A real certificate of authenticity is a special design paper and an original live signature of the author.
The warranty applies only to the original product.
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Certificate for Trademark 896936
The official trademark VARGOV with identification number 896936 was registered on October 6, 2022. The registration application was filed on April 29, 2022. The exclusive right to VARGOV is valid until April 29, 2032. The rights holder is Anton Vargov
Vargov Anton
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