Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
The price is for one element
Custom manufacturing of compositions of any size from any quantity of elements
Element size: 250Х250mm
Material: glass (crystal K9), iron
Light element (end glow): Diod G4, 3000-4000K
Color: transparent, transparent with air bubbles, amber, smoke, frosted glossy, frosted matt
Warranty: all electrical parts are 3 years warranty
Ceiling suggestions: to use one layer 9mm plywood above drywall: scheme

3d model in real production size: download

The lighting composition Vargov®Design - LC0372 is an exquisite luminaire created from glass elements in the shape of irregular, organic rings, which are inserted into a metal frame. Each element of this composition embodies uniqueness and individuality due to its non-traditional form. Each irregularly shaped glass ring features internal LED backlighting, creating an impressive lighting effect. The LEDs provide bright yet soft illumination that can be adjusted to different moods and situations. The lighting elements can be turned on simultaneously or separately, allowing for various lighting scenarios within a space. The metal frame serves not only to secure the glass elements but also imparts a structured appearance to the composition. The Vargov®Design - LC0372 lighting composition represents a splendid way to add illumination and aesthetic value to any interior space. Its unique design, combining glass and metal with integrated LED backlighting, makes this composition an attractive interior element capable of creating a cozy atmosphere and impressive lighting displays.