Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
Any size of compositions from any number of elements (350X350X350mm) to order
Material: glass
Light element: G4 diode
Color: customize color
Dimming: yes
Warranty: all electrical parts are 3 years warranty
3d model in real production size: download

The light composition LC0342 is a pendant installation created from glass rods with end-mounted LED lighting. This composition serves as a magnificent decorative element for interior spaces, possessing elegance and a modern style. The light composition consists of glass rods of various lengths, forming an impressive visual composition. The glass can have different shades, ranging from transparent to colored, allowing the composition to be adapted to any interior style. The light composition offers diverse design options. You can choose the quantity and color of the glass rods to create a unique appearance that matches your preferences and interior requirements. LC0342 possesses a distinctive aesthetic effect. The glass rods lend it a sense of lightness and grace, while the end-mounted lighting creates a glowing effect, giving the space a unique and atmospheric look. The composition can be integrated with your room's lighting system. You can connect it to a dimmer or control it using modern smart home technologies to create various moods and lighting effects.


Winner in the category interior and exterior items
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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