Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
The price is for one element
Element size: 350X100mm
Material: glass
Color: customize color
Lighting element: G4 LED
Size: 3d model in real production size

Installation: directly to the ceiling or metal base
Ceiling suggestions: to use one layer 9mm plywood above drywall
Installation scheme: OPEN
Warranty: all electrical parts are 3 years warranty

PDF presentation:Download
3d models:Download

The Vargov®Design LC0319 light composition is an innovative and unique pendant lighting that stands out with its mobile structure. Its special feature is the ability to rotate elements and change the color of light, creating unique light installations. This composition allows you to feel like a designer, artist, and sculptor, as you can create your own compositions by rotating, adding, or removing elements. Each element has a size of 350x100 mm and is made of glass. You can choose any color for the elements to match your interior or create the desired mood. G4 LEDs are used for illumination. They are energy-efficient and provide bright and uniform lighting. With these LEDs and the mobile structure of the composition, you can create various lighting effects and play with the color of light. The Vargov®Design LC0319 light composition offers you the opportunity to create unique light compositions that will become the center of attention in your interior.


Innovative Interior - Winners in the category Product design - Lighting
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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