Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
The price is for the composition sizes: L1500mm, W1100mm, H240mm
Lighting element: mini LED
Color: customize color
Packing size: 1cbm, 50kg
Production time: 35-45days
Warranty: all electrical parts are 3 years warranty

PDF presentation: Download
3d model in real production size: Download

The LC0303 light composition is a unique designer solution for creating impressive light decor. It consists of a metal frame that is mounted at multiple points and can have any color and shape. The width of the strip used in the frame can be up to 300 mm. The main elements of the composition are glass or crystal elements. They have a length of 30 mm and a diameter of 20 mm and can be colored in any shade. These elements add elegance and sparkle to the composition. Low-power LEDs are used for illumination, such as 0.5-watt mini LEDs. They have a pitch of 100 mm, allowing for even distribution of light sources throughout the composition. A special power supply unit is required for connection to a 220 V electrical network. Overall, the LC0303 light composition offers a modern and striking solution for creating light decor using glass or crystal elements and low-power LEDs. It can be applied in various spaces such as homes, offices, restaurants, or shops to add airiness and attractiveness to the surroundings.
International Architecture & Design Awards 2023

International Architecture & Design Awards 2023

PLATINUM WINNER in the nomination - Lighting Product Design Built
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