Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
Fixed metal frame structure
The cost of one linear meter of the composition
Long compositions: 32 linear meters, size: L6200mm D1500mm
Short compositions: 16 linear meters, size: L3100mm D1500mm
Material: glass, iron
Light element: mini LED
Color: customize color
Dimming: yes
Warranty: all electrical parts are 3 years warranty

3d model in real production size: download

The light composition is a structure consisting of glass rods mounted on a fixed metal frame with LEDs. This composition serves to create an aesthetic and lighting effect. The metal frame serves as the foundation and support for the glass rods. It can have various shapes and sizes, depending on the design and concept of the composition. The frame is made of durable metal, providing strength and stability to the entire structure. The glass rods play a key role in creating the visual effect. They can be transparent or colored in different hues, allowing for diverse lighting shades and reflections. The glass can have various textures and tones, adding depth and interest to the composition. The LEDs are the lighting elements in this structure. They are mounted on the metal frame. LEDs have low energy consumption, a long lifespan, and the ability to create bright and vibrant light. They can be programmable, allowing for color and lighting intensity adjustments based on predetermined settings. Overall, this light composition creates an impressive and aesthetically appealing appearance.