Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
The price is for one element H200, D30mm
Custom manufacturing of compositions of any size from any quantity of elements
H200, D30mm - 60$
H200, D50mm - 80$
H400, D30mm - 140$
H400, D50mm - 160$
H600, D30mm - 220$
H600, D50mm - 240$
H800, D30mm - 300$
H800, D50mm - 320$

Size can be: D30/40/50/60mm
Length can be: H200/300/400/500/600/700/800/1000mm
Color can do eletroplating: Amber, Smoke, Clear
Material: glass
Light element (end glow): G4 LED
Warranty: applies only to the original product

3d model in real production size: download