Lighting composition

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
The price is for one element L200mm, D150mm
Material: glass
Light element: G4 diode - 2pcs
Color: customize color
Dimming: yes
Ceiling suggestions: to use one layer 9mm plywood above drywall: scheme
Warranty: all electrical parts are 3 years warranty

3d model in real production size: download

The light composition LC0343 represents a beautiful combination of light and floral motifs. This composition is designed to bring a special atmosphere and coziness to your space. Manufactured using high-quality materials and carefully considered construction, the light composition features an elegant design. The floral motifs present in this composition give it delicacy and romance, making it an attractive interior element. LC0343 can be used in various rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, or restaurants. It can serve as both a functional light source and an aesthetic decor element. Thanks to the unique combination of light and floral motifs, the light composition creates captivating plays of light and shadows, adding a special atmosphere and creating a cozy environment. It is an excellent choice for those who appreciate beauty and wish to transform their space with a unique lighting solution.