Hanging decorative compositions

Vargov® Design - Lighting studio
The price is for one element
Custom manufacturing of compositions of any size from any quantity of elements
Element size: 180Х250mm
Material: ceramics
Color: customize color
Ceiling suggestions: to use one layer 9mm plywood above drywall: scheme

3d model in real production size: download

The light composition LC0369 possesses the amazing ability to change its appearance depending on the viewer's perspective. It can simultaneously resemble hovering swans in the air and rays swimming underwater, providing the viewer with a unique experience of interacting with art and light. When the viewer is in a specific position, the composition envelops them with graceful silhouettes of hovering swans. These athletic and graceful creatures symbolize freedom and elegance, and their contours create a sense of smoothness and tranquility. Change your gaze, and the light composition transforms into an underwater world where rays glide smoothly through the depths of water, immersing the viewer in a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere.